Our Story

Our Mission

From the very beginning it’s always been our dream to redefine the essence of craft beer - what it tastes like, how it’s brewed and where it’s enjoyed.

We believe that beer should be easy to drink and fun to share - which is why we always keep things interesting by exploring new flavours, concepts and collaborations.

From our much-loved core range to our limited releases, we have something for pretty much every palate on the planet!

Fun Flavours, Seriously Good Beer

Just like the streets of Hong Kong, our beers are bright, exciting and inviting.

While we like to keep things fun, make no mistake: we’re absolute sticklers for quality. From the ingredients we choose to our brewing, packaging and transportation processes  - we always strive to maintain exceptionally high standards.

It’s all about doing our very best and ensuring that every time you crack open a can of Gweilo, you know that you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Locally Brewed

We've teamed up with our good mates at Rocky Ridge Brewing to bring you super fresh, locally brewed beers. 

After brewing much-loved Custard Tart Stout and Choco Rock Stout collabs, it was clear we wanted to work together and our partnership was born. 

Working with this awesome team based in WA, together we bring you our exciting beers without the time, cost and impact of shipping.

From Hong Kong With Love

Backed by our awesome team of hardworking, fun-loving professionals, Gweilo has made its way from the streets of Hong Kong to bars, pubs, clubs and supermarket shelves around the world.

Whether you’re tucking into a steaming plate of noodles at a Hong Kong street market, basking in the gloriousness of a British beer garden or soaking up the sun on an Aussie beach - we hope that you find a can (or glass) of Gweilo within easy reach.

Most of all, we hope that you love drinking it as much as we love creating it.